How to build something good together.

"The Shapes Test® will help you understand yourself, understand othersand make yourself understood."

Masterclass Attendee


• Participants will develop greater self-awareness.
• Participants will learn new interpersonal skills.
• Participants will understand how to navigate their strengths and weaknesses.
• Participants can be given a choice of projects to work on together.


• This Masterclass utilizes The Shapes Test® Personality Inventory.
•Choose two topics from the following options:
•How to handle stress and conflict.
•How to understand your personality and see the perspective of others.
•How to discover your strengths and weaknesses.
•How to be inspired and inspire others.
•How to recruit others to your vision.
•How to work together to bring change.
•How to involve others in what you do.


• Stand Alone Sessions.
• Half-Day Event – Three sessions can be chosen to create a fun-filled event.
• Series – Multiple sessions can be chosen to create an ongoing series.
• Retreat – Multiple sessions can be used to create a great getaway.
• Conference Stream – Multiple sessions can be placed within a larger conference.
• Webcast – Delivered online via Video Conference.
• In-Home – Intimate gatherings with extra time and emphasis for Q & A.


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The Life-Shapes Masterclass is based around the  Life-Shapes™ Personality Inventory.

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