Malin Molander

“A creative artist, teacher and trainer with a background of helping people express themselves!”

Malin is a Star and will bring creativity and imagination to your Masterclass.
Malin Molander has been a musician for the last 30 years and in that role has spent time arranging orchestras, choirs and bands in her role as a musician director. Along with founding a school of music, she teaches and trains students in the arts. Along with her husband, Malin is the co-founder of ‘Molanders’, which started as a full service graphic company, but over the years has added divisions of art, sound design, publishing and mentoring. As a teacher, she is an energetic and inspirational communicator who uses her strong creative communication skills to help others reach their goals. Malin is truly interested in people and very curious to understand the how’s and why’s behind people’s hope and dreams. She is an energetic, inspirational speaker who will capture the imagination of her listeners. She will present a fun and creative experience for all who attend The Shapes Test™ Masterclass. Malin has been married to her husband for over 30 years and they have three adult children. Marlin and Karsten live in Thy, Denmark.