Ruven Oehmke

“A strategist with psychological expertise paired with hands-on experience in business and ministry”

Ruven is a Triangle and will help you to challenge the status quo.
As a project manager in the financial services industry with experience in management consulting, Ruven is skilled to break down complex issues, develop strategic plans, and implement practical solutions. His passion is to equip individuals and organizations to make a positive impact and tap their full potential. Ruven is a dynamic communicator and fluent in English and German. With his academic background in business psychology, he will enrich your Masterclass with his insight into human behavior. Motivated by his guiding principle that only implementation leads to impact, Ruven will challenge you to concretely apply the Masterclass content to your specific context. Originally from Germany, Ruven served two years with the Pais Movement in the United Kingdom and the United States. He currently lives with his wife Larissa in Switzerland and leads the operations department in their local church.