Andy Flaherty

“An explorer of new possibilities with a passion for success and an ability to open people’s minds to positive change!”

Andy is a Star and will bring the spirit of adventure to your Masterclass.
An adventurer at heart and by trade, Andy and his wife Elyse have lived in Cambodia where they pioneered a community development project. Through this venture, multiple micro-enterprises were initiated to improve the lives of children and families in rural Cambodia with an emphasis on local ownership and operation. Andy began his adult life as a remote area wilderness guide. Taking youth and young people to the edge of their comfort zones to become more confident versions of who they are taught him hundreds of lessons about how people respond to challenge and change. More recently, Andy led the Outdoor Program department at Tops Conference Centre, with a team of over 40 guides, an accredited Outdoor training team and 50,000 youth and young adults in a variety of programs each year.  Andy has a Master of Leadership, Bachelor of Ministry, Cert IV TAE, Cert III Outdoor Recreation and can make pasta from scratch! Andy is married to Elyse, and with their three children, they love to spend time on their local beach in Wollongong Australia.