How to disciple anyone in anything.


"I learned that discipleship is not just giving information. It's taking somebody on a journey with you."

Masterclass Attendee


• Participants will be inspired to find and make disciples.
• Participants will gain an understanding of Jesus’ philosophy of discipleship.
• Participants will be given a practical template to use when discipling others.
• Participants will gain specific skills that can be used in discipleship.


• Experience it: How to choose what to disciple people in.
• Question it: How to use questions to lead people towards success
• Understand it: How to teach spiritual principles within the discipleship process.
• Multiply it: How to equip those who have been discipled to disciple others.

Choice of Format

• Saturday morning.
• Sunday morning service and evening workshop.
• Mid-week evening events.
• Conference stream.
• Tailor-made option.


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