Edgar Arria

“A pioneer whose commitment is to help people to discover their gifting, develop their potential, and fulfill their purpose in life.”

Edgar is a Star and will bring fun, care and compassion to your Masterclass.
Originally from Venezuela, Edgar has traveled over 14 countries in four different continents, presenting cross-cultural training, leading multicultural teams in different community projects, and speaking to various communities. In all of this he has partnered with local and international organizations. Edgar is passionate about helping people to discover their gifting and purpose in life which is why he loves to inspire others in any way he can. Edgar is also a tennis instructor with more than 20 years of experience. Using sport as a tool to bring people from different cultural backgrounds together, adding value to their lives, and helping them to be socially integrated is something for which he excels. He’s developed several sport community projects during the last 20 years in Europe and North Africa. Edgar lives in Spain and is married to Maylin Ramos. They have three wonderful children, one of them with a special condition. Thanks to his son’s condition the whole family has spent 6 years of their lives as international carers.