How to reach anyone anywhere.


"Evangelism is a very important  skill to us as Christians. It allows us to equip, give our testimonies and share the Gospel."

Masterclass Attendee


• Participants will be inspired to reach their friends, family, colleagues and communities.
• Participants will gain an understanding of Jesus’ philosophy of mission.
• Participants will be given a practical template to use when sharing the gospel.
• Participants will gain confidence in evangelism.


• Spread: How to reach as many people as possible.
• Spot: How to create a next step.
• Stay: How to deepen the conversation.
• Send: How to equip those who have been reached to reach their friends.


• Half-Day Event – Ideal for a weekend.
• Sunday Event – Sunday sermon followed by two sessions in the afternoon or evening.
• Evening Event – A lighter version that is adapted for mid-week evenings.
• Conference Stream – The three sessions can be placed within a larger conference.
• Webcast – Delivered online via Zoom with a Masterclass Teacher.

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