How to align yourself with God’s plan.


"It’s amazing to live in faith, be transformed and help transform others. You get to see in the truest form what it means to be part of, and advance the Kingdom of God."

Masterclass Attendee

A Companion Book to the Masterclass

“The central image is practical, easy to understand and deeply profound. It changed my life and I can confidently say it will change many others!”

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Participants Gain

• An understanding of God’s Kingdom.
• An understanding of Kingdom principles.
• A passion for God’s Kingdom.
• A vision for their role in God’s Kingdom.


• The Appraisal: A tool to assess a Kingdom-Centric mindset.
• The Theology: A Biblical perspective of the Kingdom of God.
• The Diagram: A guide to apply Kingdom Principles to our lives.
• The Appeal: A challenge to seek first the Kingdom of God.

Choice of Format

• Saturday morning.
• Sunday morning service and evening workshop.
• Mid-week evening events.
• Conference stream.
• Tailor-made option.