Patrick Kliever

“A smart strategist with a proven track record in building teams that become increasingly productive and influential!”

Patrick is a Triangle and will bring great strategic ideas to your Masterclass.
Patrick Kliever has been building leaders around the world for over a decade. He has done this on three continents and this experience in team, regional and National leadership has contributed to his sought-after talent for equipping, resourcing and leading people from all over the world. With a background in event management he understands the balance of people skills and building professional environments that allow different relational dynamics to harmonize. Pat carries a deep desire to empower people to be the best they can be. His style of connecting with people is deeply empathetic, encouraging and life bringing. Never satisfied with the status quo, Sharing his own shortcomings and embracing growth, he strives to champion people in the area of Relational Intelligence. Pat is fluent in German and English. His unique ability to help people reflect and re-strategize, empowering them to take the next step towards others will be a valuable experience for all those who attend the shapes test Masterclass. Pat is married to the amazing Sara, and they live and work in Zurich, Switzerland.