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About the Masterclass



Participants will learn how to serve schools in their community and be equipped to create dynamic ministry for schools.

HOUR ONE – Doors ‘the why, how and what of getting into schools’:

The first session will help understand the vital importance of engaging in schools, how to learn the language of schools in their nation, understanding the needs and challenges of schools and learn some tried and tested methods of how to get into schools.

Short Break

HOUR TWO – Delivery ‘how to create dynamic schools minstry’

This session teaches methods and principles that work across the world for making schools ministry clear, dynamic and memorable.


HOUR THREE – Discussion ‘learning the power of asking great questions’

In this session we examine Jesus method of using questions to lead his audience to understanding as we teach you how to ask questions that help students understand God’s heart in their context.

FINAL SESSION – Divinty ‘schools work empowered by the God’

As a conclusion of the day we pray for and commission all the delegates to have schools ministry that truly shapes their community.

*Variations can be made upon request.

Typically the cost of a Masterclass includes a book and lunch*.

* When other formats of the Masterclass are provided this may not be the case.

About the Founder

Paul Clayton Gibbs is the Global Director of The Pais Movement.

Paul founded the Pais Movement in 1992 which is now impacting six continents. He combines ancient methods of discipleship with a communication style that is creative and fun. Paul is a gifted speaker, teacher, and author who spends much of his time producing resources to train and mentor Christian leaders. He is an award-winning author and his books are a great way to gain insight into the thinking, practices and principles of leadership. He also travels throughout the world, speaking and teaching. Paul’s main role on Pais is to facilitate the vision, teach and mentor the National Directors.

Originally from Manchester, England, Paul and his wife Lynn have two grown sons Joel and Levi. The couple now reside in Arlington, Texas.

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